Hello, everyone,

I know it has been awhile since my last email, but I have been swamped trying to get settled. I am excited about this opportunity and this new chapter in my life. I have shared a few photos on my Instagram of my new office, which I love! See photos here https://www.instagram.com/inspiring.decisions.However, with new opportunities, new spaces and increases come with challenges. I am ready for it all! It is all part of the plan and process. #trusttheprocess

Now, that I have moved into my new flat, and mostly everything is done except for the curtains, Lol.

 Some people have asked if I have to pay for all of this? The answer is no. If you are on a contract, they will either provide the housing for you, or you can choose to take a stipend and find housing on your own. In the past, I have stayed in hotels, and housing they provided with everything set up. This time I wanted to try something new and experience the entire relocation process. I have to admit it was challenging and frustrating because it was uncomfortable. There were times I would question myself, why am I doing this? I had to refocus, remember my why and my assignment. I had to keep in mind that I have experienced being uncomfortable many of times and overcome it. That being uncomfortable was nothing more than another challenge that I had to face and take head-on. No way was I giving up now, I have come too far and sacrificed too much. I am also not a quitter!
I have learned so much these past few weeks with moving here; I would not change any of it! I now can help others to relocate as well with less stress. Part of my assignment is to support and help position others; I guess I am on the right track. (Smile) Next stop, Abu Dhabi for the holiday weekend, much needed break. #positioned #thisismytruth


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