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About Wendy

“Building culturally diverse leaders from the inside out”TM

Wendy L. Alexander


Known Globally as the number one cross-cultural consultant with over 20 years of business ties in the United Arab Emirates, India, Europe, and Africa.Wendy L. Alexander is the founder of Inspiring-Decisions, LLC, and the creator of the Global Success Society. She is the number one best-selling author award-winning speaker with an M.B.A. and upcoming degree Ph.D. in Health Psychology.

She provides a unique and innovative approach to business solutions by guiding and assisting (challenged) organizations to improve their business results.
Wendy accomplishes these by teaching them advanced global marketing strategies. More importantly, she aligns culture with business practices by positioning struggling and thriving organizations for international opportunities. She also believes in the power of intention using global mental health services as a platform to disseminate her training.



We all have been confronted with cultural differences at some point that can lead to misunderstanding. Communication on an international level requires knowledge of basic business etiquette in the country where you are doing business. We help you to build meaning relationships and avoid cultural conflicts and leave a good impression. If you have traveled a lot before, you know that there are differences in communication between people from one country to another. Doing business in another country requires more than just a knowledge of the language or having an interpreter.  We help organizations and leaders to immerse themselves in different cultures successfully. We provide you with in-person and virtual hands-on guidance.

So, before you start building your international business, or providing wellness support, make sure you know the proper way to communicate.

  We support all business and wellness industries.

It's amazing how many business owners have learned from our services. You can, too.

Join us for International, International Events and Retreats:

International Events and Retreats


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Book Wendy to Speak!


Wendy Alexander

Enhance your next conference, seminar, or workshop with motivational and uplifting speaker, Wendy Alexander.

Wendy Alexander grabs attention, brings her audience to life, and move women to action with the right blend of strategy, tactics, and solutions. Your audience will leave empowered, motivated, and inspired to advance their businesses.

Wendy is the thought-provoking, inspirational business practitioner. She is passionate about guiding women in business to success. And she will leave your audience engaged, entertained, and inspired to take their lives and businesses to the next level.


Corporate and Online Training

We have a wide variety of training to offer organizations across the globe. We tailor our training's based on the organization's needs.

Training at a glance :

    • Cross-cultural Wellness Training
    • Cross-cultural Corporate Training
    • Management and Leadership Training
    • System’s of Care Child and Family Teams Training
    • International Event Planning, Training, and Support (We will locate the venue, market your event, etc.)
    • Strategic Planning
    • Sales and Negotiations Training
    • Global Business Expansion
    • Employee Conflict Resolution Training and Mediation


    • Classroom Training For Teachers
    • Mindset Training 
    • American Accreditation Consulting (International Schools)
    • Inclusion Consulting
    • How to share your story to inspire others( Storytelling)
    • Setting up a business outside the US
    • Soft Skills Training
    • Effective Intercultural Negotiations
    • School Inspections Consulting (International Schools)
    • Corporate Mental Health Facilitator

For more information schedule your  Consultation Today!

Join Membership

Global Movers and Shakers Membership

Are you too busy right now to devote an hour a week or more to coaching by phone, Skype or in person?

Are you in need of coaching and resources to help with your business needs, but you currently do not have the budget for it? If you had an affordable way to receive coaching you would?

No worries, I have been there before also, so I have something for you.

If you like videos, downloads and don’t mind working at your own pace, then you will love “Global Movers and Shakers” membership program. This is an affordable option that offers the opportunity to do all of your coaching exclusively by videos, document downloads and at your own pace. How awesome is that? Oh, not to mention you will get me live for 90 minutes once a month to answer any of your questions.

Global Movers and Shakers membership program is an easy way for you to brainstorm, get support, and learn how to build an business, while getting all your questions answered. This membership will include a once a month live 90 minute Q/A coaching sessions, business resources, access to webinars, Live stream replays and exclusive training only to the group.

What Customers Are Saying!

"Wendy has been providing training for us here in The United Emirates for several years now, we are honored and have learned from her training and business strategies."

– Mohammed, Abu Dhabi, The UAE

"Since beginning my work with Wendy Alexander, she has been an exemplary business coach. I feel privileged to have her as my coach and value the time I spend with her each week. Before I met Wendy, I wasn't building a business. I was building a hobby. She has taught me to plan with the end in mind thereby not wasting time and resources. As a result of her versatile coaching style, I have been able to take actions that have maximized my results while on my debt free journey and while building my business. When I decided to start my business, "LIVINGDEBTFREEANDBEYOND", I had no idea I would be fortunate enough to find a coach like Wendy. She has helped me see not only my value as a person but also as an entrepreneur. I look forward to our continuing relationship."

– Carolyn Peppers, CDP Tax & More

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