A Passion for Women Empowerment

Wendy Alexander is passionate about helping women succeed in business globally. Her speaking engagements motivate, inspire, and successfully prepare women across the globe to expand and enhance their activities in the global space.

Her experiences and knowledge of building international businesses make her the perfect speaker for conferences and seminars in areas such as business growth, women empowerment, and cross-cultural relations. Wendy’s business savvy and professional experience help women to realize their potential, overcome their fears, and be ready to take on the world.

If you want a motivational speaker that knows how to inspire and take her audience outside their comfort zone on a path to success, then book Wendy. Her speeches challenge women in business – professionals and leaders – to embrace their fears and emerge victorious and successful.The Keynote Speaker for Global Brand Positioning and Business Success
As a Cross-Cultural Consultant and International Business Strategist, Wendy’s life-changing sessions have empowered women internationally to work for greatness and excel in their businesses. Her joy at what she does is infectious and immediately resonates with her audience.
Her focus is on growth and sustainability. She understands the fears of her audience and builds her presentations around overcoming these fears. She believes in dreaming big and growing your business no matter how uncomfortable it may seem.

Areas of Focus

As an international speaker and consultant, Wendy’s topics are geared at improving business in the global sphere. You can book Wendy for topics related to:

  • Business growth and sustainability
  • Global branding and positioning

  • Working with different cultures (cross-cultural relations in business)

  • Women’s empowerment

  • General Business Issues

  • Entrepreneurial Relations

  • Education

  • Small business related topics

Hire Wendy to Speak or Facilitate Your Next Event

Wendy is a thought-provoking, inspirational, and entertaining keynote speaker whose approach is rooted in the belief that your business can achieve global success.

Her sessions take your attendees above and beyond what you expect. Her no-nonsense approach to business guidance uplifts while it motivates. Your audience will leave empowered to begin their journey to success and equipped with actionable ideas to start executing immediately.

Book Wendy To Speak Today

  • Keynote Addresses/Speeches: interactive sessions on a wide range of topics related to business, women empowerment, and global positioning and branding
  • Workshops & Seminars:

    Sessions for smaller groups where Wendy acts as a facilitator and trainer around topics related to women in business, business growth, and advancement, etc.


Make contact, and we’ll respond quickly to see if Wendy’s services fit your needs and Wendy’s schedule.

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