“Working with Wendy has been the best decision of my life! I’ve always been a loner when it comes to business. So having someone to talk to about my business’ ups and downs has been a plus. When we chatted on the 15-min consult, I was immediately inspired and eager for more. I was stalking my email waiting for her follow-up email. When I got the email and saw all those pages, I thought to myself “what the world…is she for real“. I completed them and patiently waited for our first official session. From day

1, we clicked and it has been greatness from that point forward. There where days where I didn’t give it my all but Wendy stayed the course. I got plenty of “CAROLYN WHAT ARE YOU DOING??“ and balded up faces. But Wendy believed in me more than I believed in myself, and for that I am truly THANKFUL!! Now I look forward to our sessions because there is more work to be done! Fast forward to today… I completed my first webinar and ebook and I’m cranking out more greatness!! Thanks Coach Wendy!!“

-Carolyn Peppers, CDP Tax & More

“Since beginning my work with Wendy Alexander, she has been an exemplary business coach. I feel privileged to have her as my coach and value the time I spend with her each week. Before I met Wendy, I wasn’t building a business. I was building a hobby. She has taught me to plan with the end in mind thereby not wasting time and resources. As a result of her versatile coaching style, I have been able to take actions that have maximized my results while on my debt free journey and while building my business. When I decided to start my business, “LIVINGDEBTFREEANDBEYOND“, I had no idea I would be fortunate enough to find a coach like Wendy. She has helped me see not only my value as a person but also as an entrepreneur. I look forward to our continuing relationship.“


- April L Butcher, Founder/CEO/Owner at Social Co. Lab Video Testimony

Dear, Wendy. I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU! I am extremely grateful and thankful for divine interventions and connections. I truly believe that God orchestrated our paths to cross. I can recall stumbling into one of your scopes for the first time and listening to you talk about Dubai. Doing business in Dubai was in the title of the scope and anything pertaining to Dubai captures my attention. I have visited Dubai several times and it has become one of my favorite places to visit when I am near that part of the world. I was excited to hear you speak about doing business in Dubai since I had just started my business and my goal was to launch it internationally. You offered several classes, International Group Coaching and Cross-Cultural Training, to help those interested in conducting business overseas; I took both classes. Your classes helped prepare me for the next level as you encouraged, admonished, and motivated me to “Take the Leap.“ As a result of your insight, I submitted an abstract to present at the 6th Change Management Conference in Dubai April 26-27, 2017 and it was accepted! I was and am excited when I received the email acknowledging acceptance of my abstract. I am thankful for your encouragement, connection, and faith in me to push me outside of my comfort zone. You are the best coach on this side of heaven. It is a great feeling to have a coach who truly is vested in one’s success and spends time pouring into them. I will shout it from the mountain top to anyone who is interested in launching or expanding their business internationally, to select you as their coach to assist them along their journey! Thank you and I love you, Coach Wendy!“

- Robyn Joppy, One Accord Consulting Firm

“Kudos and Many Many Thanks to Wendy Wiley Alexander my Cross-Cultural Competency Coach as my company Olusa Associates, LLC www.olusaassociates.org has been offered a contract with a leading Chinese based educational recruitment firm. I will be recruiting American English/ESL teachers to teach in China and eventually virtually. Due to Wendy Wiley Alexander’s superb coaching, I have secured a NEW global contract prior to completing her Cross-Cultural Competency class!!!! I followed Wendy’s signature phrase “Follow The Process“ and I’m proof positive her coaching model is highly engaging, evidence-based and most importantly productive! All The Best in your future endeavors! Know that your success is just around the corner with Wendy as your Coach…“

- Deborah Olusa, Olusa Associates, LLC

- April L Butcher, Founder/CEO/Owner at Social Co. Lab Video Testimony

“Wendy has been providing training for us here in The United Emirates for several years now, we are honored and have learned from her training and business strategies.”

- Mohammed, Abu Dhabi, The UAE

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