Global Movers And Shakers Membership Program


Are you too busy right now to devote an hour a week or more to coaching by phone, Skype or in person?

Are you in need of coaching and resources to help with your business needs, but you currently do not have the budget for it? If you had an affordable way to receive coaching you would?

No worries, I have been there before also, so I have something for you.

If you like videos, downloads and don’t mind working at your own pace, then you will love “Global Movers and Shakers” membership program. This is an affordable option that offers the opportunity to do all of your coaching exclusively by videos, document downloads and at your own pace. How awesome is that? Oh, not to mention you will get me live for 90 minutes once a month to answer any of your questions.

Global Movers and Shakers membership program is an easy way for you to brainstorm, get support, and learn how to build an business, while getting all your questions answered. This membership will include a once a month live 90 minute Q/A coaching sessions, business resources, access to webinars, Live stream replays and exclusive training only to the group.

Who is this membership for?

  • Existing entrepreneurs who need more support and accountability
  • Ecommerce (Dropshipping) Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs who like to have resources availableanytime they need them
  • Entrepreneurs looking for strategic ways to build and sustain their business
  • Entrepreneurs looking for global resources and opportunities

You will know if this option is for you, trust me.

This program is for you if you like working at your own pace, need flexible time and someone to support you and be able to ask questions to.

Most people that choose this program are people who are looking for an affordable coaching, business resources and just need a sounding board who you can ask questions, and get guidance and support from in order to get results faster than you could on your own.

The clients who been in this membership program have had greats results, appreciate having a virtual coach, love the ability to have resources at their convenience, and respect the process by not abusing it through unreasonable use.

Wait, did I mention you get access to the private Facebook group with other amazing entrepreneurs? It’s always nice to be able to be around like-minded individuals and have accountability partners.

For a limited time you can join for $1.00 first month and $49.99 recurring monthly payments.You can cancel at anytimewith no strings attached! Where else can you get coaching and resources for this price?



Pay $399.92 Annually